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Happy 2018!

I’m very excited to be working on some EdTech initiatives that I think will help professionals, especially lawyers, ExC7eL™ and thrive in 2018 and in the years to come. I’m also involved in some groundbreaking Legal Tech projects that I’m sure will impact the legal landscape in Japan and Asia Pacific.

I’m looking forward to sharing these EdTech and Legal Tech initiatives with my community in Japan. 

2018 will truly be a year of innovation and growth! 

Maurice L. Rabb

Live D!perTM and ExC7eL™









Happy 2017! It’s been awhile since I last shared some thoughts in this particular space. I have been continuously updating my Learning Resources section with new books and websites.

Of the several books that I have recently read, I have been thinking a lot about Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. More specifically, I have been thinking how to continue to develop my own Grittiness and how to help others develop theirs. After some reflections, I believe my Live D!perTM and ExC7eL™ Frameworks are complimentary to the development of Grit.

I have also recently come across the work that Thrive Global is promoting. I agree wholeheartedly with Thrive Global’s mission to end the epidemic of stress and burnout.  I am very inspired by the global movement that Thrive Global has started. Reading their resources make me even more inspired to engage in the work that I am doing as a Board Member for TELL Japan. Moreover, after taking Thrive Global’s very short survey, I realized that I am currently “Part-Time Thriving” (I am one point shy of “Thriving, but Room for More Thriving.”) I’ve set a goal of closing this one point gap and more within the next two months.

As I proceed through 2017, I will continue to take intentional and concrete actions to Live D!perTM and ExC7eL™. I invite you to do the same.

Maurice L. Rabb

Action-Oriented Diversity & Inclusion








I recently had the honor of sitting on a Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) panel hosted by the Women in Law Japan (WILJ) organisation. WILJ is a new and innovative networking platform for women in the legal profession in Japan, comprised of legal practitioners working in private practice, in-house, in government, and in the citizenship sector, as well as those engaged in professional support capacities within legal service firms and other similar organisations.

I was excited to hear about the D&I work that co-panelists Suzanne Price of Price Global and Elizabeth Masamune of @Asia Associates Japan, Inc. are doing in Japan and in Asia.  And I admire the frank self-reflections that the moderator Kana Itabashi of Baker & McKenzie shared with the participants about her initial views on the need for Diversity & Inclusion initiatives.

The objective of the event was to help raise awareness of current trends and initiatives in Diversity & Inclusion and to address questions such as: What do we mean by “inclusion”? What is the relationship between Diversity and Inclusion? Why does D&I matter? We also explored various strategies for creating more inclusive workplaces. 

I challenged each of the participants to pick at least one action that they will take following the event to help further the D&I movement in Japan, such as improving their D&I knowledge, reflecting on their own attitudes toward D&I and its value in the workplace, or gathering the perspectives of their colleagues regarding what aspects of work are inclusive and what aspects are not inclusive.

To “Walk the Talk”, I decided to share this post as one of my own next action steps to raise Diversity & Inclusion awareness.  I will also work with some of the participants from the event to create a group where we can regularly brainstorm potential D&I initiatives for our respective organisations.  Finally, I plan to explore more ways to integrate D&I approaches into my ExC7eL™ Model

I extend the same challenge to readers of this post.  What will be YOUR next action with respect to Diversity & Inclusion?

I look forward to hearing about the actions the participants (and you) took and to having more conversations that raise awareness about Diversity & Inclusion in Japan and globally.

Live D!perTM

Maurice L. Rabb

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